Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Re-Orientation to Wealth

Much of the last week was devoted to this and seemingly borne out of the week I spent in New York seeing many of Buckminster Fuller's associates and kin.

My knowledge, experience and know-how combined with the 96 natural elements is true wealth. To repeat, "energy is neither created nor destroyed," nor can one learn less.

My feeling as I returned from New York and the Buckminster Fuller events was that as I bring this yoga studio (which I want to call more and more "an energy vector") into play, I need to get a clearer sense of what true wealth is.

Tuesday evening this re-orientation was put to thought. What first came through was my work with Ana and how very early on, I made a default decision that I wanted to study with the teachers that she studied and not just her alone. Teacher's training was not in the near future and not wanting to wait, I decided to put myself through my own apprenticeship. Revisiting this in relationship to wealth made me realize that my nature is to reverse this. I share what I know, learned, experienced with those who I am close to and am in close orbit with. It is as if I want them to study with those who I study with, not just to know what I know, but because that is my way of learning, dispersal of ideas and know-how. This is a natural example of "there is enough to go around." Though it was a partially default decision, I had an inking at the time that it was both a wise and intelligent decision to make. Though not clear in the "why," it felt right.

I then thought of my work at the markets selling raw dairy. The next morning I would be working in Santa Monica with Miele, a kindred and vibrant spirit. It is whole food that I know well, having been raised on a farm, knowledgeable about the politics and benefits behind raw milk and living proof of both. Knowledge, experience and know-how.
I feel good in the doing of this. I have a generous nature and am generous of spirit. I have noticed that if I am generous at the market, the sales get better as a whole and the spirits of everyone are lifted in the process. People are being advantaged. This is key. And it is very obvious to me, in my relationships with many of the customers and in how I feel.

Miele's spirit is no different which is why I think we work so well together. The mutual openness, sharing of knowledge and experience and, yes, love, is given as freely as is possible...and is given from very full bundles of energy. To reiterate, this is the wealth of what we know, who we've become and what seems to be a deep, abiding love of Spaceship Earth and all its astronauts.

It became clear to me that this is real wealth. And that where I am at right now is where I am most effective.

This sharing and dispersal of ideas and know-how

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