Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life Seems Bigger Than Life....

War became obsolete with the advent of the motion picture.

We are raised with impositions.

We somehow stay connected to a pre-verbal knowing space vis-a-vis through our bodies.

It's hard not to manipulate someone unintentionally.

There is space to be explored around manipulations.

Guiding self/guiding yourself through the cosmos. Physics has found no solids.

We may be a part of a grand schemata of regenerative bliss.......experiment and find out!

With all due respect to assholes, being a guru doesn't make you any less of an asshole.

In sports today, the athlete has become both the gladiator and the lion.

Life is not linear. Life seems to be omni-directional.

Quotes from Preston Sturges.......

Re: the Aristocracy of Beauty........

"You have no idea what a long-legged girl can do without doing any thing."
    -Claudette Colbert "The Palm Beach Story"

Glamour has gone out of the whole damned world.

Wealth is needed to have elegance. Elegance is needed to have glamour and gaiety.

Films work because they are handy, cheap, necessary and used constantly worldwide

Monday, February 23, 2009


Confusion that we may feel may actually be clarity.

We seem to be strangers in a land of confusion.

Where do social parameters get you?
It sucks to be someone you aren't.

Opening a spherical world onto maps as we know them distorts reality.

Earth doesn't seem to be a noun. It seems to be a verb.

Let me be an Adam to your Eve.

If I lay hands on someone's body.
If my skin touches someone else's skin.
If we are still and quiet enough,
Nature knows what to do.
Body will do body.
Healing takes place.
Feeling this,
Do you ever think there is a winding down.

At heart is one's heart.
Beauty takes care of itself.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


-No moral insight with body.

-Body at times will learn and do what it can to live as long as it/we possibly can.

-Send lifeforce through spaces you can't feel.....the places you don't feel are grateful. World gets light and easy the more you are there.

-Your body is working as hard as it can.

Matthew Sanford

-Biographies can be seen as who we are not.

Lisa Gold

-You can say whatever you want to say. That's the good thing about having a mouth.

Andrew Chadsey

-Psychology may not be able to keep pace with exponential growth

-We are not separate from our dreams anymore.

-Yoga is a communication system. It allows body/brain to sense, store, and evaluate elaborate patterns of information - expanding and contracting.

-Survival of the fittest has become the most dramatic narrative.

-Rate of change itself is accelerating.

-The past is not a reliable guide to the future.

-There does not seem to be any generation gap. 21st Century = 20,000 years of change.

-Newspapers exemplify the mindset of "there is not enough to go around." They induce guilt.

Maurice Kaehler

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Body Dynamics in Partner Yoga/Tandem Surfing

Working with body dynamics. 

What does that mean?

Imagine the Cirque Du Soleil and the intensity, strength and grace that is required for these beautiful body forms to take shape.....moving, alive and dynamic. Though Tandem Surfing is a scaled down version of this, there is no lessening of the passion and intensity involved.

To be held out and supported in space via certain placement and tensions require a willingness and daring to literally leave the ground. What we've found in the practice is that you need to be able to love yourself in order to leave the floor. Timothy Leary posited in his theory of the Eight Circuits of Consciousness that a hedonic "floating" state was entered once one accessed the fifth circuit.

All yoga poses seem to be body mudras. Each are and can be used as means of channeling energies and various frequencies/states of being. Tandem Surfing doubles potentiality. We all seem to verbs in the evolutionary game. If one is down and lacking in energy, they will be brought out to speed so that the whole can have/see/create the energy event that comes when two meet dynamically, physically, nonverbally and pushing/pulling with structural firmness.

The feelings that are accessed must then play themselves out over time.

Monday, February 16, 2009


One of the hardest things to do is to bring softness to that which righteousness has hardened.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


(These opening comments were written for the California Raw Milk Association rally held January 11, 2009)

This rally began to come into being soon after Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed SB201. As Most of you know, much of 2008 was devoted to fighting the passage of AB1735 through judicial and legislative channels and this effort will continue on. I am sure Mark will touch on this when he speaks.

My feeling was that it was time to gather and prepare for the next wave. It seemed important to get as many of the customers from the farmers markets together to rub shoulders and meet, if only in passing. At the market, I and the others behind the table with me get to see all of you. To us, you are what makes the markets work. This is important, especially in this day and age.

Around September, an interesting pattern began to present itself. Republicans began to talk to me as if I was a Republican. Democrats would talk to me as if I were a Democrat. It was odd. To me, I was just me. My political choices are kept very private. Most of these conversations took place at the milk stand. Was raw dairy involved in someway?

What I was reminded of and realized again was that nature does not take sides. Raw dairy does not care what your political inclinations are or what church you belong to. Nature and Universe does not care to have buffers nor invests in anything outside of itself. It is constantly and eternally investing in itself and it's know-how. It is a pure example of worth doing.

One must have courage to encourage. Universe does this naturally. The dairies, the producers and the people who have benefited from this wonderful whole food are living examples of this integrity. We seem to have become, consciously or unconsciously and whether we like it or not, the paradigm shift. We seem ti have become the paradigm itself.

I like when Jack Bezian cackles, "We have been mislead!" If you think you haven't, then raise your hand if you believe that the sun both rises and sets. We've known for 500 years that the earth rotates around the sun. Yet what we think we see and the language we use to describe this visual is rooted in the days of flat-earth thinking, the days of God vs. Devil, the days of heaven vs. hell and the days when healers were considered witches and heretics and burned at the stake.

Well I don't believe in a devil. And it becomes clearer and clearer to me that it is pointless to blame anybody for anything. Universe and nature doesn't hate us for doing this. She waits patiently for us to discover, realize, understand and integrate her principles. We risk to realize and, in doing so, realize that we too are pure examples of worth doing. We always have been, are now, and always will be.

So this raw dairy thing is worth doing. Our health is worth investing in along with our children's health and their children's health. Our bodies are innocent, worth fighting for and protecting. Or potentials are worth discovering and growing. Humanity is worth advantaging. And the best convincers in this game are healthy bodies, high spirits, gleaming eyes and an omnidirectional glow that emanates both fierceness and love. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


When you exaggerate, you learn what is good for you. You learn what works.