Thursday, August 28, 2008

You Can't Argue With a Raindrop!

I was in Staples the other night doing some touch-ups on copies of my chapbook, "You Can't Argue With a Raindrop." I was just finishing one project when I thought I heard a voice speaking to me. I looked out and noticed a heavyset black woman near the fax machine looking my way. I replied, "What?"

"What does that mean, "You can't argue with a raindrop?"

"Do you have a set of keys? " I asked.

She nodded and picked up her keys off the grey formica.

"Ok. Throw them in the air and let them fall. "

She did it and immediately began laughing as she caught them in her hand.

"Do it again. Only this time let the keys fall all the way to the ground." I said.

She did it again, still chuckling. The keys fall all the way to the blue carpet.

It's my turn now. " OK. Nature didn't call a committee to decide how to do that. It didn't have to ask for permission or take a vote. It just knows what to do."

Her smile gets wideer and her eyes begin to twinkle.

"I'll buy a copy!" she says.

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