Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Wars of the World Are Fought In the Bedroom!

That's it. That's the start of it. The shot across the bow. The images now come fast and furious. Seeing a woman's eye's and body lit as she shakes the hands of a priest after mass, her husband standing by. When does she direct this energy towards her husband? I am uncomfortable in the presence of men talking about woman. I am uncomfortable seeing a group of woman together for the same reason.

Last Thanksgiving, I had the opportunity to speak with an attorney who represented Osho Bagwan Rajneesh in the 1980's. I asked him what was his take was on the events that had led to his downfall and the demise of the Oregon commune.

"All Osho wanted to do was meditate. He did not like having men run things for him as they were always in competition. So he had women in positions of power. What happened was that they became totalitarian under the guise of "working for the good of the community," with their actions protecting the community becoming more and more extreme"

Rather than take responsibility of action, do women default to their tribe to talk about the latest transgression or act?

Men need to treated as honorable in order to seen as honorable.

Women need to be around men as it calms them into their own bodies. This is not an arrogant statement as the reverse is also true. Men need to be around women for the same reason. This is non-verbal, subtle and nuanced. If one touches the other without words, the energy fields of both will begin to seek out their own harmonies. We are afraid to let go of our own pain because whether we like it or not, this "letting go" will involve "another" and what seems to be a surrender to that one's attractiveness as that is what one see's when pain is taken away.

One thing I have experienced and am sure that "pain" moves.

And a playing "field" within a larger playing "field" is cleared.

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