Monday, September 15, 2008

Geodesic Aggravation

I work on the weekends selling raw/live dairy at local farmer's markets. As I leave the Hollywood Farmer's Market on Sunday, I proceed south on Ivar toward Sunset Blvd. Once I reach the intersection, I find myself looking to my left to take in the Cinerama Dome, usually in amazement, and see if any new insights come.

Yesterday, the routine was no different. The insight was a surprise. There was this quick aggravation. The dome is currently surrounded by square buildings. Where was this aggravation coming from? I quickly stripped the square buildings away in my imagination to see the Dome that I remembered before the recent building expansion surrounded it. It was just a dome surrounded by a parking lot. It looked strange and annoying in it's simplicity. But once I was inside, I felt so good.

That was a wow! The aggravation was that it broke my known frame of squares, buildings, movie theatres and cubes that I was so used to. Because of this, in some subtle way, I hated it. Once inside, this changed as I felt the building and the space surrounding me. It was as if for the first time I was in a building that not only could breathe, but that invited me to breathe along with it. Aura's do not like square spaces as aura's themselves are not square. My feeling is that the shape of depression is square. For the first time, I was consciously aware of a building's outside and inside.....and being a part of both.

*The next entry was read the evening after the above was posted (9/16)

From "Cosmic Fishing" by E.J. Applewhite

".....As you enter the house the first impression is the absence of the familiar four-square cubical framework of rectangular floors and straight walls. the effect is totally disorienting to our reflexive assumption that rooms should be shaped more or less like shoe boxes.......You cannot enter the house on South Forest without receiving a lesson on how we might organize our environment with spherical and hexagonal economies simply not available in a structure where all the rooms have to be cubes. the dome leads our eye in, out and around - not up and down like a box."

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