Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Body Dynamics in Partner Yoga/Tandem Surfing

Working with body dynamics. 

What does that mean?

Imagine the Cirque Du Soleil and the intensity, strength and grace that is required for these beautiful body forms to take shape.....moving, alive and dynamic. Though Tandem Surfing is a scaled down version of this, there is no lessening of the passion and intensity involved.

To be held out and supported in space via certain placement and tensions require a willingness and daring to literally leave the ground. What we've found in the practice is that you need to be able to love yourself in order to leave the floor. Timothy Leary posited in his theory of the Eight Circuits of Consciousness that a hedonic "floating" state was entered once one accessed the fifth circuit.

All yoga poses seem to be body mudras. Each are and can be used as means of channeling energies and various frequencies/states of being. Tandem Surfing doubles potentiality. We all seem to verbs in the evolutionary game. If one is down and lacking in energy, they will be brought out to speed so that the whole can have/see/create the energy event that comes when two meet dynamically, physically, nonverbally and pushing/pulling with structural firmness.

The feelings that are accessed must then play themselves out over time.

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