Thursday, February 19, 2009


-No moral insight with body.

-Body at times will learn and do what it can to live as long as it/we possibly can.

-Send lifeforce through spaces you can't feel.....the places you don't feel are grateful. World gets light and easy the more you are there.

-Your body is working as hard as it can.

Matthew Sanford

-Biographies can be seen as who we are not.

Lisa Gold

-You can say whatever you want to say. That's the good thing about having a mouth.

Andrew Chadsey

-Psychology may not be able to keep pace with exponential growth

-We are not separate from our dreams anymore.

-Yoga is a communication system. It allows body/brain to sense, store, and evaluate elaborate patterns of information - expanding and contracting.

-Survival of the fittest has become the most dramatic narrative.

-Rate of change itself is accelerating.

-The past is not a reliable guide to the future.

-There does not seem to be any generation gap. 21st Century = 20,000 years of change.

-Newspapers exemplify the mindset of "there is not enough to go around." They induce guilt.

Maurice Kaehler

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